Rakiety serii Diamond X5 posiadają innowacyjną technologię "Extender" nie tylko zwiększającą pole optymalnego trafienia, ale również powodującą niewiarygodą siłe uderzenia. Technologia ta w połączeniu z "Diamond Pulse Technology" wzmacniającą głowicę daje nam niesamowitą rakietę !
Model RSL Diamond X5 Gold
Preferowany styl gry Każdy - dla zaawansowanych
Siła/Kontrola (Power/Control) Power/Control
Shaft 7 mm
Elastyczność (Szywna/Elastyczna) Flex/Stiff/Control
Waga 86-88 gram
Długość 675 mm
Max. siła naciągu 28 lbs
RSL Diamond X5 Gold
S Y S T E M Y :


T-Zone is an additional structure strength reinforcement design around the T-joint. It works to increase the feel, control and accuracy of your every shot. With the added stiffiness from T-Zone design, it allows you to sense and get more feedback from your every shot, making you more accurate and in control during return shots. Even when in off centre hits, you can feel it and adjust accordingly during impact. The extra torque control will help you better change of direction when playing cross court shots with much more accuracy.

Super High Carbon Modulus

The highest grade of High Modulus Carbon currently available. Super strong. Apply only to shaft which increase its torque rigidity by 21%. Shaper, better control and more solid feel. Strategically placed so will still have maximum flex power and maximum twist reduction together at the same time. Better transfer of pwoer from your hands to the shuttlecock.

Extender Stage 2

The EXtender Stage 2 was reengineered from Stage 1 especially for Diamond X3 to work at its best with the Pulse Technology. The Pulse technology gives X2 one of the strongest head frame in the market, and with the new EXtender Stage 2 design we manage to keep the strength of the frame but injecting much more power into what is already an incredible racket.

Diamond PULSE Technology

Frame Deformation
High string tension failure
Incorrect stringing tension
Lossing string tension overtime

Poly-Matrix Carbon

This is a new technology to combine different layers of Structural Carbon and High Modulus Carbon together. It results in 19% more strength to our high tension frame. This meanss better Power transfer and more accuracy during impact.

Anti Twist Technology

With the new Super High Modulus multi-Layered Graphite. It is important to get the ingredient right.
Too much = Too Brittle
Too little = too weak to transfer the Power to impact.
With the right amount on RSL shafts it will give Super Durability, Flex Power and Stop Shaft Twisting.

Super Strong High Tension Frame

Super High Modulus multi-Layered Graphite Construction meanss High Tension Frame when stringing and able to substain impact in doubles play.

Flex Power

Flex Power is RSL's latest Technology by combining the characteristics of the Frame Design, Thin Flexible Shaft and matching it with the perfect Balance Point to give you Super Power from a light weight frame.

Super Thin Shaft

With the Super High Modulus multi-Layered Graphite Construction, our Shafts can be thinner which means a reduction in weight and increase in flexibility but still with Superior Strength and Durability.