Model RSL Heat 700
Preferowany styl gry Dowolny
Siła/Kontrola (Power/Control) Power/Control
Shaft 6,5 - 7,5 mm Tapper Shaft
Elastyczność (Szywna/Elastyczna) Flex/Stiff/Control
Waga 86-88 gram
Długość 675 mm
Max. siła naciągu 28 lbs
RSL Heat 700
S Y S T E M Y :

Z.A.R. Technology

Zeero Air Resistant Technology (ZAR) is a simple but ingenious way of reducing racket air resistance. Force = mass x acceleration, if we can increase the acceleration of the racket by reducing air resistance and drag, we can increase the Force of impact with the same light weight racket.

Taper Shaft

The New Taper Shaft has thinning shaft allowing higher Flex Point which results in more flex, more accuracy, more Power, more steeper smash, more forgiving and more feeling.

Flow Tech

Shuttlecocks can travel in excess of 300km/hr, imagine the racket speed it needs travel to generate this power. Flow Tech is designed to enhance the racket frame to glide through the air as fast as possible. It will also generate a small down force around the frame to act as a natural stabiliser at high speed without adding weight, very much like a spoiler on a sports car.

Anti Twist Technology

With the new Super High Modulus multi-Layered Graphite. It is important to get the ingredient right.
Too much = Too Brittle
Too little = too weak to transfer the Power to impact.
With the right amount on RSL shafts it will give Super Durability, Flex Power and Stop Shaft Twisting.

Super Strong High Tension Frame

Super High Modulus multi-Layered Graphite Construction meanss High Tension Frame when stringing and able to substain impact in doubles play.

Flex Power

Flex Power is RSL's latest Technology by combining the characteristics of the Frame Design, Thin Flexible Shaft and matching it with the perfect Balance Point to give you Super Power from a light weight frame.

Poly-Matrix Carbon

This is a new technology to combine different layers of Structural Carbon and High Modulus Carbon together. It results in 19% more strength to our high tension frame. This meanss better Power transfer and more accuracy during impact.